Bristol Hex L-Keys and Kits    
Our keys and bits are manufactured from high quality 8650 steel and are heat treated to precise specifications. We specialize in custom hex keys and bits, so if a standard size won’t satisfy your requirement, please contact us for a quotation on special arm or bit lengths and special finishes.
Bristol Hex Screwdrivers and Bits   
Hex and Bristol Spline Screwdrivers manufactured by Bristol Wrench Co. are the tools of choice for technicians and mechanics in many industries, including avionics, instruments, radios, aircraft maintenance, printing and engraving.The drivers have replaceable bits, retained by a set-screw in the recess of a precision-machined bushing which is broached to the unique size and shape of the bit. The plastic handle is manufactured with material and method which provides superior performance and durability. The handle is specifically designed with a size and shape proportional to the size of the bit and fastener, allowing the technician to have the necessary “feel” to properly apply required torque and to conveniently work on a wide range of tasks.

This combination of features is unmatched in the tool industry. These are not “one size fits all” drivers. They are, instead, drivers designed to provide exceptional performance in hex and Bristol Spline fastening applications. Please contact us for a quotation on custom arm or bit lengths and special finishes. Standard and special length replacement bits are also available.  Contact Bristol Wrench Co. with your specific needs.

Bristol Hex T-Drivers and Bits    
Industrial Hex T-Drivers are available in some of the large sizes. These are truly heavy-duty tools. The T-Drivers are assembled with a cast-iron handle, a hex-broached bushing, a replaceable hex bit, and a set screw. Please contact us to check availability in the size you require.

*Information including, but not limited to, product availability and specifications subject to change

Bristol Wrench Hex Drive Parts List